St John Cantius Renovations

Here are some pictures from the renovations currently taking place at St John Cantius

12/20/21 - The project is almost complete! Just a few statues to put up and some trim boards to be done.  If someone wants better pictures than these taken on Sunday while volunteers were cleaning the church, please do so. If you need the lights turned on, just contact Barb Popowski, 507-530-4401.  Masses will resume December 24th at 5:00 pm and Christmas Day at 10:00 am. There haven’t been regular masses here since August.

12/4/21 - Getting closer to being finished.  Cleaning will start on Sunday, December 5th - please announcement on the home page of this website.

11/24/21 - The plywood decking came off the scaffolding and was hauled out by parishioners

11/2/21 - All of this detailed painting takes time to complete. But it is moving along and is beautiful. One of the 2 fans on the ceiling, has also been installed

10/21/21 - The ceiling is finished in some areas.  The walls are painted.

10/12/21 - The painting has begun! A couple of things will be changed slightly from the rendering because they will not fit properly, but it will just be a little smaller and still look fantastic.  In 2 to 3 weeks the ceiling will probably be finished. It looks so smooth. And is without cracks.

9/21/21 - The Sheetrock is complete. The scaffolding is mostly erected. The painters have checked the cracks in the ceiling, cleaned out the loose plaster, and removed the old tape from previous repairs. They will fill these cracks with a product that dries, but still remains slightly flexible.

9/21/21 - The side altars were stabilized and repaired on the back. It is painted behind these alters.  Thank you to volunteers Michael Bednarek, Tony Citterman, Scott Popowski, and Frank Bednarek for helping repair and move the altars. The men from Henning Restoration Company, the painters, also helped move these alters.

9/10/21 - The painters were just going to start putting plywood over the planks.  Some of these photos were taken up in the balcony.  Which will be the only place to see above the deck once the plywood is completely in stalled.

9/8/21 - This is the scaffolding that the painting company is erecting

9/7/21 - Painting Crew has arrived, both the sheetrocking & painting companies are working now!

8/8/21 - Removal of side pews, statues & movement of side altars.


Beginning of Sheet Rocking 

8/13/21 Sheet Rocking continues


The windows and floor where they are working is covered in heavy plastic. Most of the Sheetrock is up and the joints are being covered.